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Bristol’s medics support 20mph speed limits in Road Safety Week

19 November 2018

Bristol’s medics, including doctors from the children’s hospital and the city’s emergency departments, are showing their support for the city’s safer 20mph speed limits during Road Safety Week 19-25 November.

Dr Dan Magnus, Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, said:

“As a paediatric emergency doctor working in a busy children’s emergency department and major trauma centre, I know the devastating impact that motor vehicle collisions can have on children and families. Keeping children safe on and around our roads should be a priority and anything that reduces vehicle speed and the potential threat of harm to children gets my vote.”

Aimee White, Paediatric Major Trauma Rehabilitation Co-ordinator and Highly Specialised Physiotherapist, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, said:

“Some of the most traumatic and life changing injuries I see are sustained from road traffic collisions, when children are crossing roads or playing on their bikes. These injuries can often be head injuries or open limb injuries. The open limb injuries require several painful skin reconstruction surgeries and, after that, months of treatment with their limbs in specialist external frames. Many of these injuries could be prevented or lessened if people took a little extra time and reduced their speed in cars. So I support the 20mph limit.”

Dr James Fraser, Consultant in Paediatric Intensive care at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, said:

“As a Consultant in a regional children’s intensive care unit, my team look after the most severely injured children involved in road traffic collisions. Some sadly die and survivors are often left with severe disabilities. We know that reducing traffic speed and therefore the force of the collision between the child and the motor vehicle is one of the most important factors that determine the chances of the child surviving as well as severity of the injury to the child.”

Dr Ben Walton, Major Trauma Centre Clinical Lead at North Bristol NHS Trust, said:

We know that road traffic collisions cause serious injury. The injuries sustained often have a devastating impact on the individual and their families. The Major Trauma Centre at Southmead Hospital treats patients with a team of specialists who work together to ensure our patients have the best possible chance of survival. Being mindful of your speed when driving will reduce the number of road traffic collisions and the severity of injuries sustained.

Professor Paul Abrams of the Bristol Urological Institute said:

“Driving more slowly saves lives. Most people acknowledge speed limits and in general drive at a speed that means they will not be caught speeding. So that is 25 or 35 around town and 80-85 on motorways. If the 20mph limit were lifted in Bristol, thousands of vulnerable children and adults would be exposed to those who are ‘in a hurry’, who drive according to limits and not to the immediate environment.”
Bristol’s medics support 20mph speed limits in Road Safety Week
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