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Briefing – AI in health care: how do we get it right?

27 November 2018

Today Bristol Health Partners publishes a briefing on ‘AI in health and care’. This is ahead of our event taking place on Wednesday 28 November 2018, which will be a discussion about this important topic.

Written by Sophie Taysom and John Kellas, the briefing provides a definition of AI, outlines the national context, discusses key questions and describes local initiatives and resources for action on AI in health and care.

Download the full briefing (PDF).

About the authors

Dr Sophie Taysom is an independent policy analyst at Keyah Consulting. She has a keen interest in bringing innovation and policy to life, and is passionate about AI in health and care, and the opportunities and challenges it brings. She is a regular writer at Medium.

John Kellas has been working with the Bristol Health Partners as an innovation and community engagement consultant over the last four years. He is inspired by permaculture, and committed to improving community informatics, digital civics, data modelling and visualisation.

Briefing – AI in health care: how do we get it right?
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