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Great turn out for Movement Disorders HIT research showcase

24 January 2019

More than 100 people with movement disorders, those close to them, health professionals and researchers came to an event on 22 January to discuss hot topics in research.

The programme was designed by the Movement Disorders Health Integration Team’s Patient and Public Involvement Group, to consider:

  • How does the research process work and why does it take so long for ideas to reach the clinic?
  • How Parkinson’s UK is supporting research
  • Can we use existing drugs for Parkinson’s care?
  • What can exercise do for you?
  • Can we improve how symptoms are measured and tracked?
  • What is the role for gene therapy and stem cells in Parkinson’s treatment?

Throughout the day, there was recognition of the frustration that there is still slow progress in curing or modifying the progression of movement disorders. This was balanced in part by a showcase of the fantastic local and international work underway to help address this. From the cellular level right up to big studies of population’s data, there is a sustained and collaborative effort to help improve the lives of people with movement disorders and those close to them.

It was clear that this effort will only be successful if people with movement disorders are at the centre of the research process. Initiatives such as Parkinson’s UK’s Take Part Hub and at the local level, the Movement Disorders Health Integration Team are helping to make that a reality.

Our audience told us:

“Good atmosphere and great connection between professionals and people with Parkinson’s”

“Well balanced presentations. Very informative”

We are grateful to Parkinson’s UK for contributing funds to this event, alongside Bristol Health Partners.

Great turn out for Movement Disorders HIT research showcase
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