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Bristol Health Partners co-hosts advancing analytics and AI event

15 August 2019

On 9 July, analysts from across health, local authority and academic organisations joined Bristol Health Partners and Healthier Together at an event to explore how we can advance analytics locally.

The catalyst for this session was Bristol Health Partners’ AI in health and care: how do we get it right? event last November, featuring Dr Ben Goldacre, which called on us to consider urgently how to build and develop the data analytics workforce.

Delegates who attended the 9 July session made thoughtful and valuable contributions to discussions about how to advance analytics locally, informed by presentations from local leaders and relevant case studies. Many new connections were made, and clear recommendations for next steps arose, including joint training and a collaborative document where analysts will be able to share useful tools.

The event was a timely reminder that, if the NHS and wider health system is to make best use of the data it collects, its analysts must be valued and supported. Read the event report.


Bristol Health Partners is working with Clinical Commissioning Group colleagues to design joint training for local analysts.

An open resource document on this topic has been created, full of helpful links and information. Other online platforms for facilitating wide collaboration are being considered.

Bristol Health Partners co-hosts advancing analytics and AI event
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