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MOVE HIT increases exercise opportunities in Bristol for people with Parkinson's

17 January 2020

Our Parkinson’s and other Movement Disorders (MOVE) Health Integration Team’s (HIT) patient and public involvement (PPI) group has worked with Parkinson’s UK to develop training sessions about the condition for exercise providers in the Bristol area.

The sessions helped over 25 providers to understand how best to work with people with Parkinson’s.

From tennis lessons to personal training and yoga to Nordic walking, people with Parkinson’s in Bristol now have even better access to a variety of exercise opportunities provided by people with a good understanding of their needs.

Exercise can help people with Parkinson’s manage physical symptoms, as well as improving sleep, mood and mental health. Research has shown that increasing physical activity to at least 2.5 hours a week can slow the progression of symptoms.

Tailoring exercise opportunities to make them safe for the person with Parkinson’s and suitable for their condition is vital to help people realise these benefits.

All providers who took part in the training, and details of the support they provide can be found on the Parkinson’s UK Bristol Branch website.

“As I represent the MOVE HIT and sit on the committee of the Bristol and District branch of Parkinson’s UK, my remit has been to ensure a broad portfolio of activities are available for people with Parkinson’s of all abilities. I could not think of a better way to ensure a good standard of provision for people with Parkinson’s, and enable networking and sharing of best practice, than to have Parkinson’s UK support and recognise the local activities through Neil’s workshop," said Nic Mortensen, Chair of the MOVE HIT Patient and Public Involvement Group.

Neil Smart, Area Development Manager (West), Parkinson’s UK said: “There is evidence that taking up some form of exercise can increase your overall health and wellbeing if you have Parkinson’s. There are so many opportunities for exercise in the wider community and it is really encouraging to see that there are providers willing to support. By increasing their knowledge and understanding of the needs of people living with Parkinson's, we hope to encourage more opportunities for people to take up regular forms of exercise - from swimming to dance to yoga to Nordic walking.”

There is more general information about Parkinson’s and exercise on the Parkinson’s UK website.

MOVE HIT increases exercise opportunities in Bristol for people with Parkinson's
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