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Bristol aims for walking to be the first choice of transport for local journeys

3 February 2020

The work of our Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments Health Integration team (SHINE HIT) co-director Dr Suzanne Audrey has made a direct impact on Bristol's Transport Strategy, which was finalised and adopted in 2019.

One of the top five outcomes that the strategy hopes to achieve is for "walking in Bristol to be safe, pleasant, accessible and the first choice for local journeys and combined with public transport for longer journeys".

Suzanne is a senior research fellow in public health at the University of Bristol with an interest in the benefits that walking has on health and on local transport issues. She is also a founding member of the Bristol Walking Alliance.

Suzanne won ESRC IAA funding to support the Council in developing the Strategy which resulted in Jess Read, a transport and health specialist, being seconded into the Council's sustainable transport team.

"The SHINE team and I are delighted to see that inclusive walking has been incorporated into the Council's new Transport Strategy. It is no doubt down to the valuable collaboration between Jess and Council officers during her secondment. Following the success of getting safer 20mph speed limits across Bristol, it is very encouraging to see that our work continues to be recognised and included in the Council's plans and activity," said Suzanne.

More details of Jess' work with Bristol City Council can be found here.

Bristol aims for walking to be the first choice of transport for local journeys
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