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New adoption and spread guidance now available for HITs

11 September 2020

Working with the West of England Academic Health Science Network (WEAHSN), Bristol Health Partners have created a guide to help Health Integration Teams (HITs) successfully spread the innovations and service improvements they develop.

The guide looks at ways of overcoming the many challenges that face HITs when they try to ensure their work is adopted, sustained and rolled out by service providers and commissioners.

Trish Harding, Evaluation Officer for Bristol Health Partners said: “Across health improvement work, only one third of healthcare projects are adopted and spread beyond their unit or organisation. This guide sets out the requirements for the successful adoption and spread of the innovation and improvement projects of our Health Integration Teams (HITs) so it’s something that they think about and build in from the beginning of project planning. HITs have already started using the guide, and we’re pleased that they are finding it useful. We look forward to continuing working with HITs to make sure their excellent work reaches as many people as possible ”

The guide can be viewed here.

New adoption and spread guidance now available for HITs
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