Development and testing of the PCOQ (Primary Care Outcomes Questionnaire) lunchtime seminar

Date: 15 September 2017
Time: 12pm - 1pm
Cost: Free

This Avon Primary Care Research Collaborative (APCRC) lunchtime seminar and discussion is presented by the University of Bristol's Dr Mairead Murphy.

Patients attend primary care with many types of problems and to achieve a range of possible outcomes, but there is currently no patient-reported outcome measure designed specifically to capture these diverse outcomes, so trials of interventions in primary care may thus fail to detect beneficial effects.

The Primary Care Outcomes Questionnaire was developed to measure a range of outcomes commonly influenced in primary care including health and well-being, health knowledge and self-care, confidence in health provision and confidence in health plan.

Testing showed it had good face and content validity, was acceptable, feasible, had good construct validity and was responsive to change. This presentation will report on the process of developing the PCOQ, and testing it in five GP practices.

Event address: Boardroom
South Plaza
Marlborough Street
Application code: BS1 3NX
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