Concluded HITs

Some of our Health Integration Teams are concluded. Although members may still be working on related projects, they are no longer active as a team or receive funding from Bristol Health Partners.

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Avoiding Hospital Admissions (ITHAcA)

ITHAcA HIT was a partnership between the acute NHS trusts, two universities, clinical commissioning groups and the Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership. Collaboration across these organisations is vital if a successful reduction of avoidable admissions is to be achieved, and ITHAcA provided a vehicle through which such discussions and partnerships could occur.

The HIT closed in 2020. Much of its work has been taken on by the Research in Emergency care, Avon Collaborative Hub (REACH), which is led by co-directors from the University of the West of England and the University of Bristol.

Child Injury (CIPIC)

Each year in England, around 452,000 children under five attend an emergency department following an unintentional injury, 40,000 are admitted to hospital and about 60 die. Most of these injuries are potentially preventable.

The Child Injury Health Integration Team was a team of nurses, doctors, practitioners and scientists, working together to reduce the number of unintentional injuries to children across the Bristol area. They also aimed to improve the outcome for patients when injuries did happen, and reduce the burden that avoidable childhood injuries place on overstretched NHS resources.

Early Years Health and Wellbeing (BoNEE)

Deprivation in Bristol is higher than average for England, with nearly 20,000 children living in poverty. Around one in 13 children in Bristol have a chronic or potentially disabling condition which impacts on their daily lives.

The Bristol Network for Equality in Early Years Health and Wellbeing Health Integration Team (BoNEE HIT) was a team of academics, public health specialists, parent and community groups representatives. It aimed to tackle the health inequalities that have a profound and lifelong impact on the health and wellbeing of children. BoNEE closed in 2021.

Respiratory Infections (RuBICoN) HIT

The Respiratory Infections Health Integration Team (HIT) was a team of doctors and scientists, who worked together to improve advice and support for parents and patients, and to reduce antibiotic use in the treatment of respiratory infections. The team closed in 2017.

They worked to improve how coughs, colds and chest infections are managed to try to help people to look after themselves, help the NHS treat those who are more seriously ill every winter and improve the way money is spent. Some of the projects they developed included providing new clinics, and giving better information and skills to parents supported by good science to help them manage these infections with confidence.

Retinal Conditions (RENOIR) HIT

The Retinal Outreach, Integration and Research Health Integration Team (RENOIR HIT) built on Bristol Eye Hospital’s existing regional, national and international strengths. Bristol Eye Hospital has a national profile for the delivery of high quality and cost-effective clinical services.

RENOIR was set up because the number of patients treated for retinal conditions was increasing dramatically, due to new treatment options, an ageing population and a significant increase in the number of people with diabetes. The HIT ran until 2016, having achieved its objectives.