Training for public contributors in digital health and use of data

Our digital health training programme aims to provide public contributors with the knowledge to help in the development of digital health technologies and new ways of using health data.

We found that there was a knowledge gap around digital health and health data amongst public contributors and healthcare professionals not working directly in this field.

With People in Health West of England, we designed and delivered an ‘introduction to digital health and use of data’ workshop so these groups can take a full and meaningful role in debates about the use of data and digital technologies.

John Kellas, a community engagement and innovation consultant working for Bristol Health Partners, developed the idea for the session and its content. The session was then co-produced by a design and facilitation team.

The workshop first ran in 2019. To our knowledge, it was the first workshop of its kind in the UK.

The workshop is divided into four modules:

  • Understanding digital health
  • Understanding patient data
  • Understanding health services data
  • Understanding artificial intelligence (AI) in health and care

We selected these module topics based on what would be most useful for the range of local informatics projects in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire and those which could come up in the future.

We have successfully run the workshop in other regions and are committed to making the resources open for others to use and adapt for non-commercial endeavours.


Dr Richard Wood from Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board talks through the different types of healthcare data and its uses.

Dr Andrew Turner from NIHR ARC West explains what digital health technologies are and how they are used.