Who's involved

Stroke HIT’s Directors include people from different health care backgrounds:

  • Dr Phil Clatworthy, Consultant Stroke Neurologist, North Bristol NHS Trust
  • Sara Blackmore, Director for Public Health, South Gloucestershire Council
  • Chris Priestman, Lead for public involvement in health services
  • Stephen Hill, Lead for public involvement in research
  • Dr Phil Simons, BNSSG Clinical Lead for Stroke

Other team members and affiliated organisations include:

  • Lead for education, training and skills: Claire Fullbrook-Scanlon, Senior Lecturer, University of the West of England and Consultant Stroke Nurse, Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Foundation Trust
  • Lead for Service Users Group: Claire Angell, stroke survivor
  • South Gloucestershire Council:
    • Anne Clarke, Director of Adult Social Care and Housing
    • Sara Blackmore, Director of Public Health
    • Clare Cook, Programme Lead of Health Lives – Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk
  • University of the West of England: Dr Mary Cramp, Associate Head, Allied Health Profession
  • Healthier Together, Stroke Reconfiguration Programme: Rob Jones, Quality Improvement and Engagement Manager
  • Stroke Association: Garry Jopling, Jaqui Cuthbert and Duncan Goodman, South West Leadership Team
  • Bristol City Council: Andrea Dickens, Principal Public Health Specialist and Lerato Dunn, Arts Development Officer
  • Sirona care and health: Emma Richards, Clinical and Operational Lead for Stroke and Neuro
  • BNSSG Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG): Jeremy Westwood, Service Improvement Manager and Fritha Voaden, Insights and Engagement Assistant
  • HIT Programme Support: Heidi Andrews