Project and activities

BABCON is arranged into four workstreams with three cross-cutting themes embedded throughout all we do.

  1. Continence education: Improve continence education and training for all: public, patients, carers, healthcare staff and policy makers. Spreading the word about improving continence has relevance for all.
  2. Continence promotion: Empower everybody to promote continence, individually and for those they care for, to ensure bladder and bowel symptoms are the best they can be. Environmental considerations are also key to explore if our local area limits those with bladder and bowel symptoms.
  3. Continence research: Conduct high quality, relevant continence research with potential to improve care and education in all settings and publish this appropriately to enable all audiences to access the findings.
  4. Integrated continence care: Ensure bladder and bowel care is joined up across the local health and social care systems to improve patient experience, including maximising digital communication potential and reducing missed opportunities to promote continence.

Cross-cutting themes

  1. Making sure everyone is included: Through all of the workstreams, we will promote inclusivity and focus on ensuring particular patient groups are not overlooked, such as children and young people, people with learning disabilities and older adults.
  2. Patient, carer and public viewpoints: Working with individuals experiencing bladder and bowel symptoms, and their carers’ and parents is vital to ensure we address the relevant issues in this area. Strong involvement from individuals with relevant experience is encouraged in all the BABCON HIT’s activities.
  3. Making a difference to people’s lives: Ensuring all that we do makes a difference to people with bladder and bowel symptoms is a fundamental aim of the BABCON HIT. Looking at how we roll out what we are doing and how we measure the changes we make are key to encourage our understanding of the benefits of our projects and initiatives.

Current projects

BABCON members are involved in a wide range of projects covering all aspects of continence care, education and lived experiences for all ages.

Details of projects will be listed here when available.