DNA: Not merely the secret of life

Date: 10 May 2018
Time: 6pm - 7pm
Cost: Free

The inaugural Bristol BioDesign Institute Annual Public Lecture will be delivered by Professor Nadrian C Seeman, Professor of Chemistry at New York University.

Professor Seeman is renowned for inventing the field of DNA nanotechnology. In this public lecture he will describe how Watson-Crick base pairing can be used to build 3D structures from DNA, including knots and interconnected rings. These 3D structures have applications as nanorobots, and can be designed as programmable devices, and even with the ability to 'walk'.

He has a long standing interest in art as a stimuls and inspiration for DNA nanotechnology - from the notion that Escher’s woodcut Depth was analogous to a molecular crystal of branched DNA - to how Dalí’s Butterfly Landscape illuminates the relationship between wrappings of DNA.

Join us to discover a new era of nanoscale design.

The public lecture is part of the inaugural Bristol BioDesign Institute conference.

Event address: University of Bristol
School of Chemistry
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