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Dr Jonathan Evans and Inge Shepherd, Directors of the Improving Perinatal Mental Health Health Integration Team (IMPROVE HIT), give an update on progress in 2017-18.

Professor Sarah Purdy and Dr Peter Goyder, Directors of the Integration to Avoid Hospital Admissions Health Integration Team (ITHAcA HIT), give an update on the HIT's activities in 2017-18.

Hugh Herzig, Helen Malson and Sanni Norweg, Directors of the Eating Disorders Health Integration Team (EDHIT), reflect on the team's work and achievements over the last year.

Dr Nicola Wiles and Dr David Kessler, Directors of the Psychological Therapies in Primary Care Health Integration Team (InPsyTe HIT), give an update on the HIT's work in 2016-17.

Dr Katy Turner, Dr Paddy Horner and Thara Raj look back over the work of the Sexual Health Improvement for Population and Patients Health Integration Team during 2017-18.

Professor Adam Finn, Dr Julie Yates and Dr Marion Roderick, Directors of the Bristol Immunisation Group Health Integration Team (BIG HIT) give an update on the HIT's progress in 2017-18.

This timeline from April 2017 to March 2018 showcases some of the key moments in the year for Bristol Health Partners.

Martin Gregg, one of two public contributors on the Bristol Health Partners Executive Group, reflects on his time in this key leadership role, which he leaves this summer.

The Bristol Post and Bath Chronicle Health and Care Awards are back for a third year, and this time round the event is being extended to Bath, to shine a light on even more healthcare heroes across the two cities.

Professor Selena Gray, Director of the Active Older People Health Integration Team (APPHLE HIT), gives an update on their work in 2017-18.

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