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Bristol Health Partners Health Integration Teams had their annual opportunity to network, share ideas and hear from key speakers from the local health and care system, at the annual Health Integration Team (HIT) conference on 15 June.

Pregnant women who develop high blood pressure, or have small babies, may have hearts that pump less blood with each beat.

Professor Gene Feder at the University of Bristol’s Centre for Academic Primary Care has been awarded £1.7 million by the National Institute for Health Research to fund a Global Health Group for research into health systems responses to violence against...

Today we celebrate 70 years of the NHS - the first universal health care system to be established anywhere in the world...

Rachael Gooberman-Hill, Director of Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research, University of Bristol, describes the Institute's innovative approach to global health challenges. Another Bristol Firsts blog to mark NHS70.

Rife Magazine has produced a film exploring the stark inequalities between neighbouring suburbs in North Bristol. If you live in Southmead, you can expect to die nine and half years before your neighbours in Henleaze.

Supporters of 20mph limits – which research has shown is seven out of 10 adults surveyed – need to make their voices heard. Bristol City Council’s consultation on the safer speed limits includes 83 20mph roads and six 30mph roads up for review.

A new study by the University of Bristol will test whether teenage girls’ activity levels can be increased through deliberate intervention from their peers, rather than their families or teachers.

In the largest ever trial of an intervention to treat people with multiple long-term conditions in primary care, researchers found that the patient-centred approach taken improved patients’ experience of their care but not quality of life.

Professor Marianne Thoresen describes her groundbreaking work to prevent brain injuries in new-born babies who have been starved of oxygen by cooling them.

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