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Professor John Macleod looks back at the work of the Sexual Health Improvement for Population and Patients Health Integration Team (SHIPP HIT) during 2013-14.

Dr Emma Clark, Professor Ashley Blom and Professor Sarah Hewlett reflect on the Bristol Bones and Joints Health Integration Team's (HIT) work in 2013-14.

Dr Julie Mytton, Director of the Child Injury Health Integration Team (CIPIC HIT) reflects on the team's achievements in 2013-14.

The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network has launched an application for patients to find out about local studies they could get involved in.

Salena Williams, Director of the Improving Care in Self-Harm Health Integration Team (STITCH HIT), looks back at the team's work in 2013-14.

​Dr Patricia Lucas reflects on the Bristol Network for Equality in Early Years Health and Wellbeing (BoNEE) Health Integration Team's first year.

​Dr Elizabeth Coulthard, Director of the Dementia Health Integration Team, looks back at what the team has achieved in 2013-14.

Dr Suzanne Audrey and Marcus Grant reflect on the achievements in 2013-14 of the Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments Health Integration Team (SHINE HIT).

Professor Sarah Purdy reviews the 2013-14 work of the Avoiding Hospital Admissions Health Integration Team (ITHAcA HIT).​...

Professor Alastair Hay reflects on the achievements of the Respiratory Infections Health Integration Team (HIT) during 2013-14.

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