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Professor Alastair Hay, Director of the Respiratory Infections Health Integration Team (RuBICoN HIT), gives an update on the HIT's activities in 2014-15.

Dr Julie Mytton, Director of the Child Injury Health Integration Team (CIPIC HIT) gives an update of the HIT's activities in 2014-15.

The Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments (SHINE) Health Integration Team held a Review Meeting on Tuesday 14 April which was attended by a variety of academics, individuals working in Public Health and Urban Design, Community Engagemen...

Professor David Wynick, Director of the Integrated Pain Management Health Integration Team (HIT), gives an update on the HIT's activities in 2014-15.

Salena Williams, Director of the Improving Care in Self-Harm Health Integration Team (STITCH HIT) gives an update on the HIT's activities in 2014-15.

Digital ‘interactive reminiscence software’ has been funded by Southmead Hospital Charity to provide memory therapy for dementia and neurology patients at North Bristol NHS Trust.

Whether or not patients see the same GP could affect how quickly bowel and lung cancers are diagnosed, according to a Cancer Research UK study led by University of Bristol researchers, published in the British Journal of General Practice on 27 April.

Drivers' attitudes to 20mph speed limits don't necessarily reflect their actual behaviour, with some supporters speeding, while some opponents comply, a study finds.

It’s a common dilemma faced by many working parents: your child has a cough or a cold, do you send them to nursery? Researchers from the University of Bristol have, for the first time, investigated the process of decision-making that parents go through w...

Bristol Health Partners' small core team has a new member. Mike Bell joins the team as our new Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Facilitator.

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