Annual Review 2021-22: Service delivery funding

Bristol Health Partners is playing an increasingly important role in influencing how the region’s health and care services are run. In 2021-22 our Health Integration Teams attracted more than £4.8 million funding for 40 projects and activities that aim to improve the delivery of services for patients, carers and service users.


  • The Drug & Alcohol HIT will be helping to roll out a range of treatment and recovery interventions as part of a £3.4 million funding award from the Home Office.
  • Dementia HIT has unlocked more than £780,000 from the NHS Ageing well programme fund for several new projects aiming to improve dementia care, from supporting people from ethnic minority backgrounds and their carers, to running dementia meeting centres in communities across the region.
  • Additionally, Ageing Well awarded £330,000 to the Active Lives HIT for five projects that will use physical activity to embed prevention in care pathways.
  • NHS Charities Together has awarded £155,000 this year to the following HITs: Bladder and Bowel Confidence, Adversity & Trauma, Bristol Bones and Joints, Active Lives, Improving Perinatal Mental Health, Dementia, Psychological Therapies in Primary Care and Sexual Health Improvement (SHIP). These funds will support projects ranging from rowing and boat-building to support mental health, to developing a self-management app for patients newly diagnosed with an inflammatory rheumatic disease.
  • SHIP HIT secured £37,000 from the Public Health England Innovation Fund for the Hearts and Minds project, which will tackle HIV stigma in healthcare.

Bristol Health Partners’ Chief Operating Officer Olly Watson says:

“Our Health Integration Teams are made up of people from our local hospitals and councils, voluntary and community groups, our clinical, commissioning group, universities, patients, service users and carers. Their collective expertise enables HITs to spot opportunities that will help even more people across the region improve their health and wellbeing, through adapting and evolving the services they rely on, and finding new ways to support their own health.”

“In 2021 we became the first Academic Health Science Centre in England to develop a fully integrated relationship with our new Integrated Care System, to make best use of the academic research, implementation and evaluation work that we and many others locally do. This closer relationship is already helping us find opportunities to bring talented groups together to tackle issues that matter to local people.”

Research funding

Securing funding for research that will inform our region’s health and care services.

Foreword from Maria Kane

Our new Chair looks back on a year with Bristol Health Partners.

Director's reflections

Our Academic Health Science Centre Director, Professor David Wynick, reflects on the year.

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