Who's involved

The Using Data Better programme team is made up of:

  • Programme Director: Dr Julian Walker, R&D Director, Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust
  • Oliver Watson, Joint COO, Bristol Health Partners

Our work has been supported by John Kellas, Community Innovation and Engagement Consultant.

We work as part of our local digital health community.

How we work

Through sharing knowledge. We want to make sure our learnings and experiences are available to others to use and develop further.

By aligning our work with health priorities. We want to prioritise support for projects which have the potential to reduce health inequalities and address the challenges facing Bristol communities.

Through efficiency. We want to focus on reducing duplicated efforts and create opportunities for better collaboration.

By involving the people of Bristol. We want to involve public contributors as early as we can in our own projects and try to increase public involvement and engagement in local decision.