How Do You Move? project celebration

Date: 22 January 2020
Time: 10am - 12pm
Cost: Free

How Do You Move? is about improving the communication of the national physical activity guidelines through community involvement.

About this event

How do people want to be given advice about physical activity? How do real people incorporate physical activity into their lives?

These are two of the questions explored by the How Do You Move? project, a collaboration between our researchers and community charity Knowle West Media Centre.

This event is a chance for people involved in the project, or with an interest in physical activity communication, to come together to hear the findings and feedback on them, and to hear case studies of people’s physical activity stories, through videos and in person.

The Government published new guidelines on physical activity in September 2019, based on the latest research. The guidelines recommend how much physical activity we should do and what types most benefit our health. But do people understand them or find them useful?

In the past, physical activity guidelines have been tricky to understand and difficult to follow. The How Do You Move? project aimed to understand how people would like the advice in the physical activity guidelines communicated to them.

How Do You Move? involved a series of workshops with different groups of people from Bristol to explore their reactions to the guidelines and how they’d like them to be communicated. The team also worked with a smaller group of local people as case studies to tell their physical activity stories, with four videos being premiered at this event. Hear from those involved in the workshops, the case study participants and the researchers at this celebration of the How Do You Move? project.

The Brigstow Institute, University of Bristol has funded this project.

Event address: Knowle West Media Centre
Leinster Avenue
Contact information: Name: Zoe Trinder-Widdess
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