Shared Decision Making Training - BNSSG CCG and BNSSG Training Hub

Date: 12 January 2021 to 23 February 2021
Cost: Free
Do you want to help people make better decisions about their healthcare?
Shared Decision Making leads to people making better decisions, better outcomes, reduced low-value resource use, and greater job satisfaction.
Poor communication is the biggest source of complaints in the NHS (Christie, 2016). This training will help you conduct conversations that help patients understand the options available and associated risks. It will help you provide the advice they need to make decisions that are right for them.
96% of patients want to be offered choices and asked their opinions (Ching et al., 2011).

There are two types of training on offer from Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (BNSSG CCG) and the BNSSG Training Hub:

  • A one-hour webinar, open to everyone, on Tuesday 12th January (12.00 - 13.00) or Thursday 14th January (19.00 - 20.00).
  • A three-hour Train the Trainer session — this will be more skills based and is particularly suited to: first con-tact physiotherapists, GPs, care navigators, trauma & orthopaedic consultants, physiotherapists working in the acute trusts, and non-consultant hospital doctors.
You can join this session on: Tuesday 26th January (9.00 - 12.00), Tuesday 2nd February (10.00 - 13.00), Tuesday 9th February (9.00 - 12.00), or Tuesday 23rd February, 9.00 - 12.00
Those attending the three-hour session are expected to share its contents with their colleagues.

To support this, we are also offering two follow-up sessions on Tuesday 20th April (9.00 - 10.00) or Tuesday 27th April (11.00 - 12.00).

Consider completing the Personalised Care Institute’s e-Learning, too:

You can access their Shared Decision Making e-Learning courses by clicking here.

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