Who’s involved?

The leading experts in musculoskeletal conditions in Bristol are involved in the Bristol Bones and Joints team.


  • Emma Clark, Consultant Senior Lecturer Rheumatology, North Bristol Trust (NBT) and University of Bristol
  • Ashley Blom, Professor of Orthopaedics, NBT and University of Bristol
  • Sarah Hewlett, Professor of Rheumatology Nursing, Universities of the West of England (UWE) and Bristol


  • John Kirwan, Emeritus Professor of Rheumatic Disease, University of Bristol and University Hospitals Bristol (UH Bristol)
  • Joanna Robson, Consultant Senior Lecturer, Rheumatology, UH Bristol / UWE
  • Pam Richards, Patient Partner, UH Bristol
  • Edith Anderson, Patient Partner, NBT
  • Michael Whitehouse, Consultant Senior Lecturer, Orthopaedics, NBT / University of Bristol
  • Karen Wallace, GP
  • Terry Kemple, GP champion
  • James Rooney, Commissioner
  • Lynsey Clarke, Specialist Trainee, Rheumatology, NBT
  • Peter Dacombe, Specialist Trainee, NBT
  • Nick Ambler, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, NBT
  • Nicki Walsh, Associate Professor Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, UWE
  • Fiona Cramp, Associate Professor in Musculoskeletal Health, UWE
  • Emma Dures, Senior Research Fellow (Psychology), UWE
  • Jess Goodwin, Secretary to the Bristol Bones and Joints Health Integration Team, NBT
We have received support from local clinical commissioning group members with an interest in long-term conditions and self-management: Dr Gill Jenkins and Dr Marion Steiner.
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