Who’s involved

The SHIP leadership team is made up of:

  • Director: Katy Turner, Senior Lecturer Infectious Disease Epidemiology, University of Bristol
  • Director: Paddy Horner, Consultant Senior Lecturer, University of Bristol and GUM Consultant, University Hospitals Bristol Trust
  • Director: Jo Copping, Consultant in Public Health, Bristol City Council and Public Health England
  • Honorary director: Emma Harding-Esch, London School Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • PPI lead: Jayne Meyrick, Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology, UWE
  • Annette Billing, Public Health Principal, Bristol City Council
  • Project managers: Haley Pearson, University of Bristol and Carla Southworth, Bristol Health Partners

Other SHIP members include:

University of Bristol

  • John Macleod
  • Patricia Martens
  • Gene Feder
  • Jeremy Horwood
  • Margaret May
  • Matthew Hickman (Director for Drug and Alcohol HIT)
  • Miranda Cuming
  • Nikki Jeal

University of West of England

  • Hettie Lean
  • Sarah Green
  • Jo White
  • Julie Williams

Public Health England

  • Charles Irish
  • Norah O'Brien
  • Doug Haines
  • Debbie Stark
  • Madeline McMahon
  • Maya Gobin
  • Peter Muir

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

University Hospitals Bristol is the lead provider of Unity, the integrated sexual health service.

  • Ann Steele-Nicholson
  • Sharon Moses
  • Helen Wheeler
  • Jane Nichols
  • Judith Berry
  • Karl Liva-Pye
  • Lindsey Harryman
  • Lorraine Warr
  • Lucinda Farmer
  • Megan Crofts
  • Michael Clarke
  • Sarah Cochrane

Unity Sexual Health provider partners

  • Alison Peters, Marie Stopes
  • Golden Key (representative to be confirmed)
  • Andrew McMullan, Marie Stopes
  • Julia Nibloe, Brook
  • Kathy Harper, WISH (Weston Integrated Sexual Health Service)
  • Zita Gough, WISH
  • Sarah Fuhrmann, THT
  • Sue Burchill, Brook
  • Brigstowe
  • Terrence Higgins Trust

North Bristol NHS Trust

North Bristol Trust provides HIV treatment.

  • Mark Gompels
  • Jane Nicholls

Local authority sexual health commissioners

  • Matt Lenny, North Somerset Council
  • Lottie Lawson, South Gloucestershire Council
  • Fiona Miles, North Somerset Council
  • Lindsey Thomas, South Gloucestershire Council
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