Dementia HIT News

Gardening sessions are ‘highlight of week’ for dementia patients and BRI staff

  • 21st May 2024
For those living with dementia, a stay in hospital can be a difficult time with…

Dementia service providers explore developments in diagnosis and treatment

  • 11th April 2024
Providers of dementia services in health and social care from across the region joined the…

Can looking after teeth and gums protect against dementia?

  • 16th January 2024
People with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease or mild cognitive impairment are already taking part in research…

Finding common ground: Bristol Health Partners Conference 2023

  • 18th October 2023
More than 100 delegates joined us for our annual conference on 17 October 2023 which,…

‘Fastball’ test to detect Alzheimer’s earlier gets major £1.5 million funding boost

  • 12th July 2023
A simple but revolutionary test to improve early detection for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease could…

Chinese Community Wellbeing Society promotes continence health as part of sessions for members living with dementia

  • 4th July 2023
The Chinese Community Wellbeing Society, based in Bristol, is promoting the benefits of engaging…

Dementia HIT co-director publishes two new books

  • 26th May 2023
Two new books by Dementia HIT co-director Dr Gary Christopher have been published by Routledge.

‘I am human too’: South Asian older women’s group records song to raise awareness of dementia

  • 16th May 2023
An older women’s group run in Bristol by Dhek Bhal has recorded a song called…

Dementia HIT 2022-23

  • 1st April 2023
Piloting innovative dementia projects The HIT secured more than three quarters of a…

Depression in Alzheimer's has different risk factors to depression in those without dementia

  • 22nd March 2023
Depression in Alzheimer’s has different risk factors than depression in older adults without the…

Come and find out about our brilliant brain

  • 20th February 2023
Ever wondered how your brain learns to overcome disgust or thinks when asleep? People of…