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The Bristol Later Life Service will be one of the first teams in Bristol to be awarded with a Purple Angel as a result of its work to help make Bristol a dementia friendly city.

SHINE HIT's Marcus Grant has written a blog for the British Medical Journal on the influence of our everyday environment, our neighbourhoods, towns, and cities, on our health.

Bristol Health Partners’ Health Integration Teams (HITs) are to benefit from a £9 million investment into the West Country’s health research. The money, a share of £124 million from the government, has been awarded over five years to 13 pioneering resear...

Researchers from the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), the University of Liverpool and the Bristol Urological Institute have developed a device using sensor technology that may help diagnose patients with early signs of bladder cancer. The...

TEDMEDLive Bristol was the official launch of Bristol Health Partners and brought together some of Bristol's leading thinkers, researchers and innovators.

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