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Two of our HITS - Integrated Pain Management and Bristol Bones and Joints - have been working together to redesign how we plan and deliver chronic pain services, as part of Healthier Together’s wider reconfiguration of musculoskeletal services. The co...

The Stroke HIT aphasia group created accessible resources with help from speech therapists and communications staff from Healthier Together.

Our Active Older People HIT and Active Ageing Bristol (AAB) are delivering the basis for a ‘prevention at scale’ programme through initiatives that help older people to be less isolated and to increase physical strength and mobility through combined fitn...

Researchers at the University of the West of England (UWE) would like to invite people to consider participating in a qualitative research study exploring individuals’ experiences of living with bulimia.

Bristol's Children of the 90s study will be supported for the next five years through an established collaboration between the University of Bristol, the Medical Research Council and The Wellcome Trust.

Lucy Mooney, Deputy Director of the Movement Disorders Health Integration Team and Lead Movement Disorder Nurse Specialist at North Bristol NHS Trust, has won the Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Specialist Association Committee Award 2019.

John Halliwell is completing a year’s secondment as Project Manager for Bristol Health Partners, supporting three of our Health Integration Teams.

Guidance on how the UK population can stay fit and healthy has been updated thanks to a major review led by the University of Bristol.

The effect of being overweight and obesity on risk of cancer is at least twice as large as previously thought according to new findings by an international research team which included University of Bristol academics.

An extreme case of "fussy" or "picky" eating caused a young patient’s blindness, according to a new case report published today [2 Sep 2019] in Annals of Internal Medicine. The University of Bristol researchers who examined the case recommend clinicians...

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