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Dr Phil Clatworthy, Sara Blackmore, Chris Priestman, Stephen Hill, Dr Phil Simons and Emily Dodd give an update on what the Stroke Health Integration Team got up to in 2018-19.​...

Professor Julie Mytton, out-going Director, and Dr Toity Deave, in-coming Director of the Child Injury Health Integration Team (CIPIC HIT) give an update of the HIT's activities in 2018-19.​...

Dr Maria-Paloma Sequeiros Camarinha and Dr Hilary Archer Directors of the Dementia Health Integration Team (HIT), reflect on the team's work and successes in 2018-19.

Dr Fergus Caskey gives an update on the work of the Chronic Kidney Disease Health Integration Team (CKD HIT) over the last year.​...

Healthwatch Bristol and South Gloucestershire want to know #WhatWouldYouDo to improve care in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Dr Kyla Thomas has been jointly awarded the Society for the Study of Addiction (SSA) Fred Yates prize for researcher of the year 2019.

Dr Alan Whone and Lucy Mooney, Director and Deputy-Director of the Parkinson's and Other Movement Disorders Health Integration Team (MOVE HIT), give an update on the HIT's progress in 2018-19.

A £1.1 million project to develop biodegradable stents for patients with severe vascular disease, which affects around one million people in the UK, has started thanks to Innovate UK funding.

Stepping up efforts to prevent transmission of hepatitis C among people who inject drugs, could reduce future infections by 43 per cent globally, according to a study by researchers at the University of Bristol.

Professor David Wynick and Lisa Buckle give an update on the work of the Integrated Pain Management Health Integration Team (IPM HIT) in 2018-19.

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