ACTion After Stroke courses set to start on 16 February

  • 4th February 2021

Starting from 16 February, Bristol After Stroke will be running a course to help stroke survivors rebuild their lives.

The course has been created especially for people who feel distressed or anxious following a stroke with the aim to support people who experience low mood and anxiety. The course will be all online and there is volunteer support to help people get online and equipment is available to loan.

A stroke affects everyone differently but it can often cause physical, emotional and social upheaval – not only for the person but also for those closest to them.

Feelings of distress, frustration and anxiety can often make people feel unable to get on with their lives. Carers can have similar feelings and this course is also suitable for them.

The ACTion after Stroke course is based on a novel approach for helping called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

It is about learning ways to manage painful feelings, thoughts and sensations. It teaches people to learn to accept the things outside of their control and focus on changing the things they can.

The programme is set out over four weeks with two one-hour sessions each week (on Tuesday and Thursday).

At each session, people will learn simple techniques that can help change patterns of behaviour and thinking.

The four sessions are:

  1. Get wise to your mind
  2. Facing up to life
  3. Being mindful
  4. Living wisely, living well

There is an extra optional session in the fifth week that is an opportunity for reflection and a chance for people to share how people felt about the course, what they got out of it and any changes they would like to make.

The course runs from 16 February – 11 March (with an optional session on 18 March) and costs £12.50 per person for the entire course.

Feedback from course attendees has been very positive:

“This course has given me quite a lot, I still suffer from short term memory and losing my job, but from the start of ACT 5 weeks ago to today, I feel different. I was still very angry and upset with how my life had changed, but now after attending ACT I’m learning to deal with those feelings.”

“This course is a blessing, this allows people who find it difficult to get out or to access things from home. Being able to be part of the course from home will open up the world to people who can’t get out.”

For more information and to book a place on the course, please contact the team on [email protected] or telephone 01179 647657.