Dementia and Psychotherapy Reconsidered: new book by Dementia HIT’s Rik Cheston

  • 10th February 2023

Professor Rik Cheston from Bristol Health Partners’ Dementia Health Integration Team (HIT) has written a new book Dementia and Psychotherapy Reconsidered. The book is published by Open University Press and is part of the Reconsidering Dementia series.

Dementia and Psychotherapy Reconsidered is applicable not only to psychotherapists and counsellors, but to clinicians and families who are supporting people living with dementia post-diagnosis and want to find new ways of talking about their experiences.

Rik is the HIT’s Research Workstream Lead and Professor of Mental Health Research (Dementia) and the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol). Previously he worked a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS.

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