Help create music and movement classes for over 45s with bones and joints conditions

  • 27th October 2023

The Bristol Bones and Joints Health Integration Team is looking for people from diverse communities in Bristol to help design a safe and fun music and movement course for over-45s who have pain in their hips, knees or feet.

Who can join?

The team would like to work with people over the age of 45 who have pain in their bones or joints and who don’t exercise now. You might have arthritis (osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis) or be waiting for surgery on your hips or knees.

People who we have worked with the team previously say that they really enjoy making a difference for themselves and for others. You will get to have a say in making a safe exercise course that really works for people like you. You will get 5 exercise classes for free and will get to work with a physiotherapist and a dance teacher. You will also meet other people who have painful problems with their bones and joints.

When and where?

The project starts in February 2024. You will meet once a week for eight weeks. Meetings will be at Trinity Community Centre, Trinity Road, Bristol, BS2 0NW.  Drinks and snacks are included.

You will help to make a music and movement course together, with the help of Julia, an experienced dance teacher and Jen, a physiotherapist. You will help make the exercise course in the first two weeks. Then you will try the exercise course over the next five weeks. In the last week, you will be able to give feedback.

Paying for your time

The team can pay your bus fares or if you or someone else can drive you, we can pay some petrol money and your parking costs. Unfortunately, the team can’t pay for taxis.

You will be paid you a total of £175 for coming to all eight meetings:

  • The meetings in the first two weeks will be two hours long. You will be paid at £25 per hour and get drinks and snacks.
  • The last meeting will be three hours long. You will be paid at £25 per hour and get drinks and snacks.
  • The other five meetings are one hour long. You won’t be paid for these, but in each you will do a safe exercise class with the dance teacher.

Find out more and take part