Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments HIT 2022-23

HIT co-directors Suzanne Audrey, Adrian Davis and Sally Hogg look back at the HIT's achievements in the last year.

  • 1st April 2023

Leading public engagement events

SHINE organised a popular ‘Let’s Talk Public Toilets’ event in October 2022 with guest speaker Nikki Cotterill from the Bladder and Bowel Confidence (BABCON) HIT to highlight how a lack of public toilet provision is a barrier to independence for people with xcontinence issues.

Following a presentation to the One City Board, SHINE organised a Road Safety Awareness event in November 2022 to raise awareness of the impact of road deaths on people from deprived communities. The HIT aims to move forward, through engagement with key stakeholders during 2023-24, in developing a programme for partners’ active support in reducing fatalities and life changing injuries on Bristol’s roads.

For Bristol Walk Fest 2022, SHINE co-hosted an event in May with Bristol Walking Alliance – a first step towards increased contacts with stakeholders and participants from underrepresented groups.

Broadening public contributor representation

Roy Kareem, Black and Green Ambassadors alumnus and Chair of Our Parks Bristol and Bath, and public health researcher Jennifer Leggett joined SHINE as public contributors this year. This has enabled the HIT to make links with organisations which are progressing work and test new models of working with VCSE organisations. This has included engagement with Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board’s Green Social Prescribing team to secure continued investment for their programme and maximise the impact of their work.

The Wild Bristol initiative, led by long-standing SHINE public contributor Ben Barker, has been an important part of getting local communities involved in their improving their environments this year, encouraging people to explore the wildlife on their doorsteps.

Translating the evidence on healthy and inclusive neighbourhoods

Bite-sized ‘City Know How’ updates launched this year on the Bristol Health Partners website, thanks to a partnership with the Cities and Health journal. Cities and Health provides a scholarly platform for perspectives on spatial planning, urban design and physical city governance, and these updates are an additional avenue to help translate this research knowledge into policy and practice.

Dr Tom Allport’s research with Somali mothers and Barton Hill Recreation Hub was shared at a cross- HIT webinar in September 2022. Since then, discussions have taken place about how this research feeds into ICS Locality Partnerships’ aim to support inclusion and community cohesion for those who experience social isolation to access support within their local environment and participate in recreational activities.

Funding enabled in 2022-23

SHINE HIT helped secure £4,000 in 2022-23 for research, improving outcomes and addressing health inequalities.